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How to Make a Fashion Tech Pack (Step by Step) : FREE TEMPLATE

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Are you tired of getting very vague generalized tutorials for making a fashion tech pack? Don’t you wish someone would just tell you EVERYTHING that you need to do to create a professional tech pack from beginning to end? Well your prayers have been answered!

WARNING: There is NO one way to make a perfect tech pack, so don't drive yourself crazy trying to find the best way to create one. Every company and factory might have a different set of needs and the tech packs will change accordingly.

Before you get started...You could:

Fashion tech pack in excel and illustrator

Or you could get a condensed version below:

Free fashion tech pack template

fashion design tech pack free template

Technical Overview page: (pg 3 of 5)

1) Logo – Adding an image of the company to your technical files add a touch of professionalism.

2) Company Name – Add the name of the company, just in case the name isn’t in the logo in order to make everything crystal clear.

3) Page Description – Give titles to all of your pages (example: Technical Overview) this way everyone will know what the page is about at a quick glance.

4) Style Number - Most companies have their own numbering system which you can input, or you can make up your own style number

PRO TIP: Here is my way of creating a style reference number.

Style Number - SS20T01

• SS = Spring / Summer Season (AW for Autumn/ Winter)

• 20 = The Year 2020

• T = Top ( P = Pant, SK = Skirt, DR = Dress...etc)

• 01 = Style Number 1